A festival known as the “Boot Tan Festival” is generating some controversy as it invites women and nonbinary individuals to ski down a Colorado mountain in the nude. This eyebrow-raising event, described by its organizer as “full-frontal freedom,” has sparked a debate surrounding values, public decency, and the boundaries of personal expression.

Scheduled to take place on March 29-30, at the Sunlight Mountain Resort in Glenwood Springs, the Boot Tan Festival has stirred controversy by offering a platform for female and femme-presenting nonbinary skiers to experience the exhilaration of skiing without clothing. Founder Jenny Verrochi, 33, stated that the festival inadvertently began as a means to create a “safe place” where female skiers could freely express themselves in a private environment.

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This year, Verrochi has chosen to expand the festival’s inclusivity by opening it up to femme-presenting nonbinary individuals as well. With the primary goal of “protecting the women,” Verrochi firmly believes that there won’t be any issues with men attempting to infiltrate the event under the guise of nonbinary identification.

Contrary to concerns of potential voyeurism, Verrochi assures participants that there won’t be any prying eyes present. She claims that the collective atmosphere of like-minded individuals ensures a sense of security and comfort, leading most attendees to strip down willingly. Notably, the skiers will be clothed while going up the ski lift and fully dressed upon re-entering the resort’s facilities.

To address security concerns, Verrochi emphasized that only female staff will be present on the mountain during the event, with male employees having their phones confiscated for the sake of privacy protection. Additionally, extra security measures will be in place to safeguard the participants throughout the festival.

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It is crucial to mention that the dedicated slope for the event is private and does not intersect with other trails, leaving no opportunity for curious onlookers to intrude. Furthermore, the resort will remain open to the public, including men, during the day but will limit access to Boot Tan Festival ticket holders after its regular operating hours.

Alongside the skiing activities, the festival plans to feature women-owned vendors in a merchant village during the day, hosting various festivities such as a comedy show, live music, and a tailgate party to add to the overall experience.

A naked woman holding skis.
Image credit: Instagram – hana_hart
Women holding skis while naked at the event.
Image credit: Instagram – joreichers

The controversy surrounding the Boot Tan Festival has garnered mixed reactions from conservatives. Some argue that this display promotes a degradation of societal norms, while others assert that it represents an extreme form of personal liberation and empowerment. Opinions vary widely, highlighting the ongoing cultural divisions within society.

Critics contend that festivals such as the Boot Tan event should give consideration to broader principles of modesty, decency, and respect for societal norms. They question the need to engage in such nudity-based activities, arguing that it does not align with traditional conservative values.

Despite the ongoing dialogue surrounding the festival, Jenny Verrochi, the festival’s founder, remains passionate and committed to facilitating an environment of “full-frontal freedom” for participants. The increasing popularity of the event demonstrates its resonance among a substantial number of women and nonbinary individuals, with anticipated attendance reaching up to 1,500 this year.


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