In a recent statement addressing the upcoming presidential race, Senator Rand Paul expressed his opinions on the candidates and made a decisive announcement that has sent shockwaves through conservative circles. As a prominent figure within the libertarian and conservative movement, Paul declared that he is firmly against supporting Nikki Haley’s candidacy.

Paul began by acknowledging his long-standing relationship with Donald Trump and his appreciation for many aspects of Trump’s policies, as well as his admiration for the fiscal conservatism of Ron DeSantis. However, when it comes to Nikki Haley, Paul firmly states that he cannot support her.

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Through his assertion, Paul highlighted several concerns about Haley that he believes disqualify her from receiving support from informed and knowledgeable libertarian and conservative individuals. One significant issue Paul raised was Haley’s attitude towards interventions overseas, which he views as incompatible with the principles of limited government and non-interventionism.

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Furthermore, Paul expressed his dismay over Haley’s involvement in the military-industrial complex, emphasizing the sizable sum of $8 million that she allegedly received to be part of the team. This association raises questions about Haley’s commitment to true conservative principles and her potential susceptibility to outside influences.

However, Paul’s concerns extend beyond foreign policy and financial ties. He specifically criticized Haley’s suggestion that individuals should be required to register to use the internet and her dismissive stance on the importance of anonymous online discourse. Paul argues that this perspective displays a lack of understanding of the republic’s foundation, which was built upon the principles of free speech and open discussion, including the ability to express ideas anonymously without fear of government interference.

To solidify his stance against Haley, Paul officially announced his opposition, stating, “I’m never Nikki.” He encouraged like-minded conservatives and libertarians to express their disapproval by visiting, a platform where individuals can register their disagreement with Haley’s candidacy. Paul believes that Haley’s failure to grasp the significance of online anonymity and her proposed internet registration should disqualify her as a potential candidate in the minds of liberty-minded conservatives.

The announcement by Rand Paul has incited a spirited debate within conservative circles, sparking discussions about the direction of the conservative movement and the importance of principled leadership. As the presidential race unfolds, the question remains: will other conservative voices align with Paul’s stance against Nikki Haley, or will her campaign continue to garner support from within the party?

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