According to local news, a woman in Harris County, Texas, has come forward after enduring a horrifying ordeal of being kidnapped and confined in a garage for at least four years. Lee Carter, aged 52, has been charged with Aggravated Kidnapping in relation to this distressing incident, which took place near South Union at 5251 Perry Street. Houston Police Department Commander Michael Collins confirmed Carter’s arrest at a motel.

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The victim recounts that her captivity began when Carter approached her while she was panhandling and he offered her a dollar. Subsequently, he took her to his residence and locked her inside his garage, a nightmarish scenario that lasted nearly five years. The victim alleges that Carter repeatedly forced himself upon her, subjected her to drug use, and took measures to prevent her from leaving.

Neighbors in the area recall Carter as generally quiet, but some noticed unusual activity happening around 3 a.m., with people being moved in and out of the house and the garage. Jed Beights, a neighbor, described the situation as “very crazy.”

Commander Collins revealed that a warrant had been filed against Carter earlier in April. Disturbingly, there was an instance when the victim managed to text the police using the Text Now app, urging for help. She was taken to a hospital but was ultimately returned to Carter’s custody.

Despite some escape attempts, where the victim managed to flee, Carter recaptured her and confined her once more. Documents indicate that during a previous police and fire presence at the property, the victim broke a window in the garage and escaped, only to be taken back by Carter and barricaded inside, preventing any further escape attempts.

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According to officials, the victim was found in an extremely malnourished state, weighing a mere 70 pounds. She had endured lack of proper hygiene for two months and was rarely provided with a full meal.

Currently, there is not enough information for authorities to suspect that the victim was a victim of trafficking. A welfare check was conducted at Carter’s home, prompted by the sight of a television and a barking dog, but no one was found inside. However, a dog was rescued and taken into the care of BARC.

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Sources have confirmed that Carter is a Houston rap artist known as “Viper,” with several music videos on YouTube. The exact whereabouts of the victim and the status of any potentially involved baby remains unknown.

This distressing case highlights the importance of vigilance and the ongoing effort to combat crimes against innocent individuals.

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