Many conservatives have been unhappy with the Republican Party. Why wouldn’t they be? Constant betrayal of the grassroot’s values and issues, war mongering, corruption, and more have been exposed in countless incidents.  We have a GOP Chair in Ronna McDaniel that has done nothing but lose elections but still gets installed over the wishes of the base.

Do you know why they can get away with it? Because although you may be registered as a Republican to vote, you aren’t really a member of the party unless you are a  Precinct Committeemen (PCs) within the party.

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Being a Precinct Committeeman may not sound like a big role, but it’s actually pretty important. PCs are grassroots party activists who connect with voters in their local community. They help spread conservative values and make sure our party stays true to what we believe. As PCs, we have the power to shape the Republican Party from within and highlight our core principles like limited government, personal freedom, and responsibility with money.

Some people say we should give up on the GOP and start a new party. But that’s not a practical solution. It’s hard to build a new party from scratch, and it could split the conservative vote, giving more power to our opponents. Instead, we should realize that the real power lies within the existing two-party system. By getting involved as PCs and being active in the GOP, we can change the party and make sure conservative voices are heard.

I made the decision to become a PC in my county one year ago. Within that year, I’ve helped roll out new social media campaigns and am the chair of the marketing committee. I get to help spread the message of our values, which helps us recruit more PCs and volunteers and fundraise so that we can help our candidates win elections. I don’t mention this to pat myself on the back. It’s to show you how fast you can get involved and into action.

Local politics matter and affect your daily life more than what happens nationally. Although the RNC is a broke wasteland of ridiculous spending, we don’t really have anything to do with them and work within our county to make change.  Our county GOP is pro-Trump and America First, so don’t think you are going to be working with “Ronna McRomney” and the other swamp creatures. You will actually be working with your neighbor.

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Changing the GOP from the inside won’t be easy. We face resistance from people in power who don’t want to change. The party is full of RINOs and establishment hacks who treat the party as their own personal social club rather than working to save America. But if we stick together and keep pushing for what we believe in, we can make a difference. It’s about working with other conservatives, building alliances, and staying determined. Persistence will be key in our mission to make the Republican Party more conservative. Every new PC that you help bring into the party could be another America First vote when it’s time to select leadership.

One of the keys for PCs is using the internal rules to move your agenda.  Within the GOP, there is a bylaw for everything. Once you know the rules, you can make changes.  In my county, we just ran a recall and replaced a vice chair for failure to perform (and more).  Using these rules, you can make changes fast and get the right team in place.

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As PCs, we have the chance to influence party platforms, choose candidates, and set policy priorities. By speaking up at local party meetings and staying passionate about our conservative values, we can shape the party’s direction. This is our opportunity to focus on important issues like smaller government, free markets, traditional values, immigration reform, and individual freedoms. We can reshape the Republican Party and make sure it stays true to our conservative identity.  Your voice is heard by politicians when you are part of the party.

If we want to change the Republican Party, becoming Precinct Committeemen is a smart move. By getting involved at the grassroots level and pushing our ideas from within, we can have a real impact. Yes, the GOP is “swampy” and part of the old system, but it’s up to us to make a difference. Let’s reclaim our party, run the RINOs out, and shape the future of American conservatism from within the Republican Party.

Visit Turning Point Action’s PC page to get started.

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