The Praetorian Guard better known as the Intelligence Community is at it again and Americans should absolutely come to a full stop to fully comprehend what is positioned in this analysis because we’re in rinse/repeat mode again. Anyone believing that the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation was anything other than an entrapment operation is living in a deluded false reality constructed by the Intelligence Community’s mechanized system of narrative and propaganda. The January 2021 events at the Capitol and the subsequent years-long hunt for the supposed “insurrectionists” fits within a much larger hunt for all of Biden’s political opposition detailed in this series, which also contains the evidence for the Capitol events being an entrapment scheme with then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi running point on operations: THE HUNT IS ON.

The analysis is worthy with some of the earlier pieces being picked up and syndicated.

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The analysis is also clear in establishing an extra-Constitutional legal architecture constructed to hunt Biden’s political opposition and it largely relies on a legally prohibited mechanism: entrapment.

In general, the overarching analysis holds that in order for the Biden Administration and its Department of Justice under Attorney General Merrick Garland’s leadership to target Biden’s political opposition with the DOJ apparatus to prosecute them, the defendants must qualify for the legal definition of a “domestic terrorist.”

In order to apply the legal definition of “domestic terrorist” to identified targets otherwise Biden’s political opposition, the DOJ must entrap them in circumstances where it controls the operational theater and where it can then build a narrative around those circumstances, which patently requires the IC to withhold exonerating evidence while widely propagating aggravating evidence that is customarily hand-picked half-truths.

Once the circumstances are created, the “domestic terrorist” label is applied and the DOJ legal machinery begins the process of grinding its wheels finely and slowly albeit fraudulently and in treasonous form.

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That is precisely what happened at the US Capitol on 06 Jan 21 and its going to happen again sometime immediately before, on or soon after the 2024 election.

Overnight, developments broke where the Intelligence Community has once again latched-on to phrasing from former President Donald Trump to affix it to the narrative attached to existing operations.

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That is precisely what happened in the IC constructed events in the “Russian collusion” operation where anecdotal remarks made by Trump about Russia were wrapped-up into the operations that abused FISA/FISC as a spying mechanism on a presidential candidate and then sitting US president and all of the people under his umbrella.

The developments were captured in two short video segments with the accompanying text reproduced.

The first is our backdrop piece featuring video of Trump’s remarks: “To address the unavoidable circumstance of DJT, the Intelligence Community has tipped its hand with the “bloodbath” narrative that emerges from the existing legal architecture permitting Biden’s DOJ to circumvent the Constitution to entrap, imprison and hunt Biden’s political adversaries. This series lays it all out: THE HUNT IS ON.”

The second item is the video sourced from Red Voice Media featuring Pelosi marching to orders to establish the Intelligence Community’s “bloodbath” narrative for planned operations calibrated to the 2024 election timeline: “Listen carefully America. The architect of the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is marching for the Intelligence Community to establish the pretext narrative for its planned entrapment operation to counter the unavoidable circumstance of Trump in the 2024 election. They’re re-upping on the same construct but this time it will be far more violent. Write it down. Once it occurs, I’ll re-post this. Between then and now, maybe read this to fill in the vast amount of details: THE HUNT IS ON.”

In private conversation back in 2021, someone asked me if I was going to DC for the events at the Capitol on 06 Jan 21 to which I replied saying that I would never put myself in that type of situation where there is no control or reasonable assurance of security for that theater.

I said that out of concern for exactly what occurred on that date: an entrapment operation.

The point is that for years the analysis on this website has been accurately ahead of the “news” often by years and where findings provide accurate projections for future events; and that list is long including these: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: World War III Projections, Confirmations and Developments.

The analysis indicates that the Intelligence Community and its functionaries are going to make a “bloodbath” out of the 2024 election blaming every bit of it on Biden’s political opposition.

This will be the legal architecture to go hunting because it’s one of the only remaining plays the IC has left [here are the others: Eight Options to Deal with Teflon Don.]

To preface that hunt, expect the Second Amendment fall under significant attack as well: BIDEN ADMINISTRATION: How the World’s Leading Exporter of Guns Faked a “Pandemic” and Created a Legal Backdoor To Breach Separation of Powers and Destroy the Second Amendment at Home.

Nancy Pelosi ran point on the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation and now the Intelligence Community has marched her out in front of its 2024 “bloodbath” election operations to establish the pretext narrative for those operations.

Between now and then, y’all can count on two things: 1-I’ll closely analyze this going forward to share the findings and 2-I’ll re-post this article after the “bloodbath” happens.

Hopefully, Americans learned their lessons as a result of the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation and will make wiser decisions in placing themselves in public spaces on important occasions.

My greatest concern; however, is that no matter how careful Americans are in these instances, the “bloodbath” coming our way will be as unavoidable as Trump in 2024 and the Intelligence Community’s other “bloodbath,” 9/11.

One thing is for certain, Americans have a reckoning coming their way and to some degree, bloody it will be.


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