Ukraine is the KEYSTONE OF CORRUPTION and my series examining the captured proxy state goes back years to long before COVID-19 and Joe Biden’s hijacked Executive Office that resulted from it. Therein, FTX became a primary crypto-based money laundering operation to fund campaigns for US politicians where US foreign aid sent to Ukraine was then laundered and converted to cryptocurrency before it was returned stateside in the form of political campaign donations. As the CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried sat atop that operation running point for the Intelligence Community like a portly little autistic puppet clearly on the spectrum. SBF’s primary beneficiaries were the Democratic Party with a sprinkling of Republicans, of course. The single largest beneficiary of the FTX/SBF operation was none other than Joe Biden, whom the IC installed into the Executive and so it was crystal clear from the time of his arrest that any prosecution of SBF was nothing but another IC cover and concealment operation that would produce a lenient and reduced sentence in an effort to steer the “unavoidable circumstance” of $10 billion being stolen from investors. Remember that a primary driver of cover and concealment operations is “unavoidable circumstances,” which require steering to the best possible landing spot. That’s what SBF’s “prosecution” was always going to be from the time of his arrest. The FTX fix was on from day one.

The Keystone series lays-out the enormous and complex backstory to FTX/SBF.

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Two days following SBF’s arrest, I wrote this piece: The Problematic and Highly Suspicious Timing of the Sam Bankman-Fried Arrest Gives Rise to Troubling Questions and Answers.

The analysis concluded with a simple projection: “The FTX fix is on, folks, and it began with the problematic and highly suspicious arrest of SBF.”

From there, I went on to write scores of articles a lining out the particulars of SBF’s forthcoming and projected lenient sentence as shaped by the manipulated fact set behind his arrest and the sentencing guidelines where SBF initially faced upwards of 100 years.


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He’d never face that and SBF’s eventual sentence was known and identified on its face at the time of his arrest for anyone examining the matter through the correct and appropriate lens[es].

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Around the time that SBF’s sentencing hearing was announced for 28 Mar 24, I wrote this piece, which recapitulated the basis for the forthcoming and projected reduced sentence and further laid-out the constructed narrative that would be used as the rationale and justification for that sentence: FTX, SBF, UKRAINE: Sam Bankman-Fried Faces 100 Years in 28 Mar 24 Sentencing, Will Receive Reduced Sentence As Crimes Are Rebranded “Echoing Point”.

When discussing COVID-19, I routinely say that there is a “0% chance” that the analysis [and the analysis from my RICO team] is wrong about the “pandemic” being a construct of enterprise fraud.

Quite frankly, everything the US federal apparatus does is rooted in fraud – they’ve been lying to and ripping us off for a very long time now.

Once SBF was arrested and the particulars and timing of that arrest were examined, it was clear that there would be a 0% chance that the SBF projection would miss the mark.

On 28 Mar 24, SBF was sentenced to 25 years in prison and if he serves with “good behavior” his sentence will reduce to 12.5 years…for one of the largest financial crimes ever committed.

Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice serves the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, who occupies the Executive and happens to be Joe Biden, who also happens to be SBF’s primary beneficiary for the crimes for which SBF was sentenced.

See how that works?

When John Durham was appointed as Special Counsel and everyone immediately elevated him to sainthood; and when COVID-19 broke-out and everyone said “pandemic”, I took this position [like I normally do]:

Those are just two examples emblematic of the difference between ANALYSIS and NEWS.

A bunch more can be examined here and it’s far from a complete list: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: World War III Projections, Confirmations and Developments.

The NEWS is like the police – they show up after the fact to tell you what already happened where they deliver some truth mixed with the IC establishment narrative to explain away events with the elixir we call Kool-Aid, and it’s for the window-licking population to drink as they are destined to enjoy life on the technocratic global plantation enforced by Marxist communism.

ANALYSIS on the other hand tells you exactly what is going to happen long before it does and often years in advance.

THAT is why the analysis Moonshine is worthy – these laser accurate projections are made with regularity and it’s a very, very long list.

ANALYSIS, on the other hand, is for discernment of the truth and once the projected outcomes manifest, the analyst can point backwards to explain it all from the archives.

SBF was never going to get anything other than what he got and the Moonshine archives have been evidencing this from the time of his arrest.

Bullseye again.

A new gun belt may be in order soon because the room for new notches is running out.

Please share the analysis on social media if you find it worthy because Moonshine remains heavily shadow- and ghost-banned.


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