Joe Biden’s recent claims about his missing uncle in World War II have come under scrutiny, as it seems the story of cannibals and a plane crash may not be entirely accurate.

During a campaign trail, Joe Biden stated that his uncle, Second Lieutenant Ambrose Finnegan, had gone missing in the Pacific during the war and had been eaten by cannibals. However, the official account from the Pentagon’s Agency for Prisoners of War and Missing in Action (POW-MIA) contradicts this claim.

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According to the official report, Finnegan’s A-20 Havoc light bomber was on a “courier run” from Los Negros Island when its engines failed at low altitude. The plane crashed into the sea off the north coast of New Guinea, and two out of the three crew members did not survive. The wreckage of the plane was never found.

Biden’s story about cannibals and a reconnaissance mission does not align with the official records. While he reiterated the claim during a meeting with United Steelworkers union members in Pittsburgh, it seems that the facts surrounding his uncle’s disappearance are different from what he described.

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This is not the first time Joe Biden has faced scrutiny for making questionable claims about his life. Throughout his 50-year career in politics, he has been known to tell fictitious tales, such as getting arrested while trying to visit Nelson Mandela in a South African prison. He has also repeatedly debunked stories about an Amtrak conductor.

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The unfounded claim about his uncle serves as a launching pad for Joe Biden to attack his predecessor, Donald Trump. During the campaign speech in Pittsburgh, he accused Trump of disrespecting fallen US soldiers buried in France, an accusation that originated from an article in The Atlantic. Despite documents debunking this claim coming to light, Democrats continue to reference it as if it were true.

As Joe Biden’s stories continue to face scrutiny, it highlights the importance of verifying facts and questioning the accuracy of the narratives put forth by politicians. In the case of his uncle’s disappearance, it is important to rely on the official records rather than unfounded claims.

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