El Paso County, CO – Second Amendment activists Leslie Hollywood and Ava Flanell, well-known voices in the fight to uphold Second Amendment rights in Colorado, recently shared their stance on the ongoing gun control measures in the state. The two advocated for preserving the rights of firearm owners and emphasized the need for public engagement in shaping legislative decisions.

During a recent podcast appearance, Hollywood discussed the status of Colorado’s assault weapons ban bill, shedding light on the limited movement and mixed signals surrounding the legislation. She highlighted the pivotal role of Senator Tom Sullivan, a swing vote on the Senate committee responsible for the bill, whose personal tragedy of losing his son in the Aurora shooting gives him significant influence over the bill’s fate.

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Hollywood also expressed concerns about the potential scheduling of the bill in the Senate committee, citing limited time and competing legislative priorities. She underscored the significance of using the term “assault weapons” to accurately convey the proposed ban’s broad scope, noting the potential impact of the ban on various firearm types.

In addition to the assault weapons ban, the podcast delved into other gun control bills in Colorado, including those related to firearm storage in vehicles and liability insurance for gun owners. Flanell raised concerns about the sensitive spaces ban and its potential impact on polling locations and public spaces.

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The conservative advocates urged listeners to become actively engaged in the legislative process by reaching out to Governor Jared Polis and state representatives to voice their opinions on these bills. They also emphasized the need for constituents to communicate their support for gun rights, especially in the wake of potential changes to existing legislation.

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Email the Governor: [email protected].   Call the Governor’s Office at 303-866-2471

Senator Emails: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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Highlighting the unique political dynamics within Colorado’s Democrat-dominated legislature, Hollywood referenced the potential issues with specific bills related to firearm retail permitting and licensing. The duo stressed the continued importance of grassroots efforts to advocate for Second Amendment rights in Colorado and called for increased public involvement in influencing legislative decisions.

As the battle against gun control measures continues, Hollywood and Flanell remain steadfast in their commitment to preserving Second Amendment rights and emphasize the urgency of Coloradans taking an active role in shaping their state’s legislative landscape.

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