An Indianapolis elementary school teacher is facing serious allegations after video footage emerged showing the teacher allegedly orchestrating a “fight club-style” punishment involving classmates, including a 7-year-old special needs student. The incident took place at George Washington Carver School, and the teacher in question has been identified as Julious Johnican. The lawsuit against the school and Johnican was filed by the mother of the special needs student in Marion County.

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According to the lawsuit, the mother had previously warned the school about the “fight club-style” discipline in her son’s classroom at the beginning of the school year. However, the school administrators reportedly ignored her son’s claims for several months. Shockingly, during a parent-teacher conference on November 1, Johnican mistakenly revealed footage on his phone of her son being attacked.

In the disturbing video, a classmate is seen repeatedly punching the defenseless special needs student while shouting threats. The teacher can be heard encouraging the attacker by shouting, “That’s right. You get him.” Towards the end of the clip, the attacking student tells the teacher, “I’m gonna get him again,” to which Johnican responds, “I know you want to get him when he does things.”

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The lawsuit alleges that Johnican, as a substitute teacher, along with several administrators and the school district itself, failed to keep the special needs student safe and ignored his allegations. The lawsuit claims that Johnican “encouraged” and “instigated” a “reprehensible ‘fight club’ type of discipline within his classroom over three months.”

An investigation by the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) found evidence to support the boy’s claims. The DCS report states that Johnican “knowingly and willingly engaged in behaviors toward the victims that jeopardized their overall well-being while in his care as a teacher at IPS 87.” Consequently, Johnican was allowed to resign from the school after the video surfaced.

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The lawsuit further alleges that the mother had previously communicated with Johnican about her son’s distress before the video came to light. On September 22, 2023, her son called her in tears after an incident at school. When the mother arrived at the school, her son explained that he had been attacked by another student under the instruction of the teacher. However, the school failed to provide any explanation for her son’s distress and dismissed his claims.

The lawsuit also includes an allegation that a substitute teacher, who is the same educator named in the lawsuit, allegedly referred to special needs students as being “demonically possessed.” The substitute teacher reportedly condoned the attacks and claimed, “(They’re) bad kids, that’s what you do!” when reporting the incidents to an administrator.

The lawsuit filed by the mother includes claims of disability discrimination, intentional infliction of serious emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, negligent care and supervision, negligent hiring, retention, and supervision, as well as inadequate policies and protection. The Indianapolis Public Schools released a statement expressing their zero tolerance for such behavior. They confirmed that the Department of Child Services was immediately notified when they learned about the teacher’s conduct and that the teacher was removed from the classroom, suspended, and is no longer employed by the school.

The case continues to unfold, and investigations are ongoing to ensure the safety and well-being of students at the George Washington Carver School.

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