The New York State Legislature is currently debating a bill that could potentially lead to the banning of popular semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Glock, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. State Senator Zellnor Myrie, a Democrat representing Brooklyn, is set to introduce the bill in the New York State Senate on Tuesday. This proposed legislation would require firearms manufacturers to make modifications to their pistols to prevent easy conversion into fully-automatic weapons. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in a ban on the pistols.

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According to the WSJ, Senator Myrie argues that the proliferation of “Glock switches” and “pistol converters” poses a threat to his constituents. These devices, which can be produced using 3D printers, have caught the attention of lawmakers in New York. The state has previously enacted legislation banning “ghost guns” and bump stocks. In support of Myrie’s bill, the radical gun-control group Everytown, funded by Michael Bloomberg, praised the proposed measure on X, where they turned off comments for accounts they don’t follow or didn’t mention.

Claiming that “Glock has known that its pistols are uniquely susceptible to being converted into illegal machine guns,” Everytown emphasized that New York’s proposed legislation aims to protect citizens. While other gun manufacturers do not face a similar problem, Myrie argues that Glock has failed to address this issue adequately.

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Glock is one of the most popular pistol brands in the United States and consistently appears on lists of best-selling firearms, such as those compiled by Guns and Ammo magazine. According to a 2018 press release from the company, the Glock 19X sold over 100,000 units in fewer than six months after its release.

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It is important to note that under current federal law, owning an unregistered fully-automatic firearm is illegal unless it falls under the provisions of the National Firearms Act:

In June 2022, the Supreme Court invalidated New York’s “good cause” requirement for pistol permits. Justice Clarence Thomas, who authored the court’s opinion, cited historical gun laws and the debate surrounding the ratification of the 14th Amendment as reasons for deeming New York’s concealed carry law unconstitutional.

Responding to the proposed ban, Gun Owners of America Vice President Erich Pratt argued that New York has a crime crisis that stems from the state’s failure to prosecute criminals rather than from converted Glocks. Pratt stated that the proposed ban would further disarm law-abiding citizens while doing little to prevent criminals from using automatic weapons in their crimes.

It is worth mentioning that in August 2020, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit seeking the dissolution of the NRA as part of her campaign targeting the gun-rights advocacy group. However, in March 2022, Judge Joel M. Cohen ruled that James could not seek the NRA’s dissolution.

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