Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent attempt to gain some positive media attention while on his diplomatic trip to China has backfired. In an unexpected turn during his diplomatic visit to China, California Governor Gavin Newsom found himself engaged in a casual game of basketball.

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Dave Portnoy, Benny Johnson, and Collin Rugg chimed in on it:

This Gavin Newsom video is something. Dude thinks he’s on the Globetrotters. Keeps trying to spin a basketball on his finger and then commits an egregious offensive foul on a little Chinese kid and then wrestles him after he knocked him over.” – Dave Portnoy

Gavin Newsom tackles a little Chinese kid, grabs him, and spanks him. So creepy. Perfect replacement for Joe Biden.” – Benny Johnson

“California Governor Gavin Newsom runs over a small Chinese child while playing basketball during his visit to China. When he wasn’t charging Chinese children, Newsom was meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. During the visit, Newsom called for unity with China and said it is time to “turn down the heat.” “Divorce is not an option… “We’ve got to turn down the heat. We’ve got to manage our strategic differences. We’ve got to reconcile our strategic red lines.” Newsom is the first governor to meet with Xi in six years.” – Collin Rugg

The California Governor also decided to pose for a “glamorous” photo at the historic Great Wall of China, which has now become a laughingstock on social media platforms.

Many critics and commentators noted that instead of focusing on the political and economic complexities of U.S.-China relations or addressing California’s numerous domestic challenges…

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Newsom appeared more engrossed in crafting a stylish image for himself. The photo showcased the Governor in a poised stance, donning designer sunglasses against the backdrop of the iconic structure.

Several netizens swiftly took to social media to craft amusing parodies and jokes surrounding Newsom’s photo op, suggesting that it might have been better suited for a fashion magazine than a diplomatic visit.

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