Working exclusively with longtime friend, colleague, and former Trump White House advisor Garrett Ziegler and his Marco Polo team has provided Moonshine readers with a flow of reliable inside information, commentary, and analysis centered on all aspects of the Biden laptop and all of the incriminating evidence it contains.

The Moonshine analysis on Marco Polo and its Biden laptop forensic dossier has become so substantive that it has received its own page and series:


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Most recently, Ziegler and Marco Polo find themselves the victims of lawfare at the hands of Hunter Biden and his counsel; where the analysis at Moonshine projected this exact scenario over a year and a half earlier.

This extract is from the introduction found on the Marco Polo/Biden Laptop page:

Begin Extract: The initial and ongoing Moonshine analysis and reporting on the efforts to the Intelligence Community to discredit Marco Polo and its dossier exemplify the very nature of how political entities combat the truth from a platform of lies, cheating and stealing.

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My earlier analysis sourced reporting from Zero Hedge including a statement from Ziegler following litigation filed against him and Marco Polo:

According to a Wednesday night filing, Hunter Biden’s legal team is suing Garrett Ziegler, who operates the website Marco Polo.

The 13-page lawsuit alleges that Ziegler and others violated federal and California privacy laws by “accessing, tampering with, manipulating, altering, copying and damaging computer data” gathered from Hunter Biden’s purported laptop and iPhone cloud storage without consent.

The lawsuit details how Ziegler and unnamed defendants allegedly obtained sensitive materials by hacking into encrypted data on Hunter Biden’s devices and uploading them to Ziegler’s website, where it remains public. In the lawsuit, Hunter Biden’s lawyers assert that the defendants had refused requests to “cease their unlawful activity” and return private data belonging to the president’s son. –CBS News

Pay very close attention to the specific and subtle language above that aligns entirely with the initial and ongoing analysis on the Intelligence Community’s discrediting attempts that occur when the substance of the truthful dossier reporting CAN NOT BE CHALLENGED.

Therefore, the suit doesn’t allege defamation [lying about the substance of the analysis] but rather it takes the exact form I said it would over a year and a half ago.

The litigation says, “accessing, tampering with, manipulating, altering, copying and damaging computer data.”

That same basis for the litigation is precisely described in my Telegram Post from 08 Apr 22:

HEADLINE: Hunter Laptop Computer Repairman Says No Way 450 Gigs of Additional Data Was Included on Hunter’s Laptop

If Maxey claims that the Hunter Biden hard drive contains more data than what the shop owner verifies AND Maxey says he’s working with out-of-country IT specialists to recover something that doesn’t exist, it means:

  1. Maxey appears to be augmenting the existing hard drive data with fabricated information
  2. This in-part explains his pretext targeting and discrediting of Garrett Ziegler, Marco Polo and ToreSays
  3. Maxey’s role is what I’m saying it is – to control the fallout and mitigate the resulting damage from something unavoidable: the report that will be released by the Marco Polo team




Political Moonshine

End Extract

A critical aspect of the effort to discredit Ziegler, Marco Polo and the Biden laptop forensic dossier are the operations of Intelligence Community asset Yaacov Apelbaum.

The Moonshine analysis on Apelbaum is mostly contained in these items:

SWING and a MISS: Shoddy Forensics Causes Gateway Pundit to Embarrass Itself and Defame Marco Polo with Attempted Smear Tactics

Marco Polo Issues Formal Response to Gateway Pundit’s Smear Tactics, Libelous Error and False Accusation

Libelous Gateway Pundit Article Smearing Marco Polo Is Updated in Retrospect: Admits Error, Still No Retraction or Apology – “What Sort of Playground Is This?”

MARCO POLO and THE BIDEN LAPTOP: The Gateway Pundit Is Having Its Cake and Eating It, Too

In brief conversation with Ziegler last evening, he asked me what I thought of Intelligence Community operative Yaacov Apelbaum’s “latest” stunt.”

Ziegler was referencing this: Criminal Referral of Yaacov APELBAUM.

The following are from the downloadable Criminal Referral issued by Marco Polo.





Just as the analysis held over a year and a half ago, the discrediting of truth bearers and the truth itself; as found in the Marco Polo forensic dossier on the Biden laptop, continues at the hands of the Biden Crime Family, the Intelligence Community, operative Yaacov Apelbaum and reporting by The Gateway Pundit.

The truth simply isn’t permissible in the public spectrum and anyone driving it will feel the full weight of the Biden Administration, the Intelligence Community and their operations; especially lawfare operations.

The short explanation for it all is an easy one to comprehend: these are the patented tactics of Third World banana republics festering with Marxist communism and suffering through the process of overthrow.

No one knows this better than Garrett Ziegler and his Marco Polo team.

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