If you’ve ever been badly stuck in briars, there reaches a point where every attempt to free oneself only results in your own further ensnaring, stabbing, scratching and cutting. While the briars may have been avoidable in the sense of not walking into them, briars are a sneaky lot with a propensity to veil themselves and blend into the surrounding vegetation; almost throwing out the welcome mat to invite the unsuspecting inside. Once you get there, the reality of unavoidable circumstances settles into a feeling of hopelessness: the more I try to free myself, the more entrapped I become. This is where America currently finds itself but without an inclination of what do do next.

The only way out of briars is to retrieve your knife and begin cutting and hacking away until there are no more briars ensnaring you.

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Then, reverse course and carefully extract yourself continuing to hack and cut as needed.

Marxist communists are our briars and for the moment, they have us firmly in a thorny death grip.

With no idea how or why to fight, the further we acquiesce and wiggle out of discomfort, the further entrapped we become.

It is not until we retrieve our knife and hack away at the briars that they begin to retreat opening a pathway to freedom.

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Do Americans have enough intestinal fortitude to hack far enough and deep enough into the briars to eradicate all of them and forever?


Will The Biden Family Ever Be Held Accountable For Their Crimes?

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Do they have a stiff enough spine to mete out the justice according to the rule of law when the rule of law calls for military tribunals and public executions?


It’s not even close; not yet, anyways.

It’s not much of a war when one side is duped into believing there is no war and that makes an honest conversation about the factual matriculation of justice according to the rule of law an impossible endeavor fully attributable to “conspiracy theory” and that’s just the way the Intelligence Community and China like it.


For this piece, three recent articles presented chronologically provide some contextual backdrop from the much broader and deeper work. They are relative to the incoming Intelligence Community backlash for which the architecture is clearly already in place; and where the recently propagandized “bloodbath” narrative talking point drives it to that unavoidable end:

  1. BACKLASH COMING: SCOTUS Says Trump in for 2024, More Unavoidable Circumstances for the Intelligence Community
  2. Intelligence Community Narrative: 2024 Is Going To Be A “Bloodbath”
  3. Intelligence Community Propaganda Machine Drives “Bloodbath” Narrative Towards Planned Disaster

To prove the point there, consider how the CIA recently went on record to attribute John F. Kennedy’s 1963 assassination to itself.

Subsequent to that and more recently, former President Trump remarked that he didn’t release the JFK files because of how horrible the contents were.

The overarching point I’m making is this: JFK, 9/11, COVID-19, the stolen 2020 election and the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation are all Intelligence Community operations and FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, they have been rammed directly up our collective asses and where all we have done is sit around, offer thanks and wait for it to happen again.

It’s time to grow-up, put on your big-boy pants and deal with this thing head-on before the Intelligence Community goes 9/11 on us again.

Political Moonshine on 18 Mar 24


President Trump’s failed promise and his terrible policy decision to not release the JFK files were, quite frankly and with no disrespect to the President, the type of thing causes me to question him as I have done in the past; and if no other reason than the fact he work for us, we’re adults who are entitled to the unvarnished truth and just like him, we’re capable of handling it appropriately.

It falls under the same lens as two other very important failed promises from his campaign days: “drain the swamp” and the MSM as the “enemy of the American people.”

The same swamp that chewed him up for four years and then spit him out on Inauguration Day 2021 is currently draining him of every nickel he has courtesy of the IC’s operational lawfare.

Meanwhile the IC’s systematic propaganda machine with the MSM as a central node is humming along better than ever continuing to be the enemy of the American people.

If the contents of the JFK files are as bad as you say they are, Mr. Trump, THAT IS ALL THE MORE REASON TO PUBLISH THEM.

America can’t be expected to act; and in ways that entail so such personal risk to take such consequential actions, without first being given a platform built on pillars of the unvarnished truth from which to operate.

If America knew the truth of JFK, 9/11, COVID-19, the stolen 2020 election, the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation and a long list of others, the country would shift at once to begin reclaiming and restoring the Constitutional Republic to its intended form.

For now, “elected” leaders will remain the omnipotent custodial parents and we the children who have been deemed not wise or capable enough to understand the truth of what is being done to us will be relegated to the back seat and denied that truth.

Trump’s JFK policy decision wasn’t just a horrible one but one with massive detrimental consequences that impact the present and future.

Over time, the American people have routinely accepted the Intelligence Community’s operations and so with the election on the horizon, we can safely write this down: IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN and it will be calibrated to the 2024 election with a +/- margin of 3 months from 05 Nov 24.

This is a redundant message from the existing analysis; not something new, and now a number of influential people in the media are making the same ‘black swan’ projections.

The 1981 Reagan/Hinkley operation informs the timeline position of +/- 3 months and where the Intelligence Community’s obvious tactical objective is institutional preservation: maintaining power at best and containing and controlling power at worst; from the Executive on down.

Intelligence Community operations are converging on 05 Nov 24 +/- 3 months going down three primary lanes: 1-operations to steal the 2024 election, 2-a thermonuclear World War III also entailing an advanced CONUS softening phase that will include widespread terror events by a fifth column of illegal immigrant jihadists and 3-formal handover to Globalists leveraging Marxist communism as the enforcement mechanism and war with China as the process.

The same United Nations [China] that was the spine to COVID-19 will facilitate the formal handover during the post-war treaty process.

By that time, America and Americans will be so broken and beaten down that it will gladly accept life on the technocratic global plantation in exchange for what they perceive as “peace.”

War is the best eliminator of history; criminal and otherwise, at the same time it’s the perfect process to which all of America must be subjected in a kabuki theater styled production of unimaginable destruction, war and death.

The process is key and for example, Americans would have never agreed to the “Patriot” Act, TSA security protocols, etc. if it weren’t for the process of 9/11 happening to them just like they wouldn’t wear a mask, lock themselves up at home and agree to receive experimental mRNA injections with redacted contents, no trials, no testing and no knowledge of the harmful and deadly side effects had they not been subjected to the process of the COVID-19 “pandemic.”

As I continue to hammer home, reality is an illusion and more accurately, the direct product of Intelligence Community perception management operations ergo, it’s all enterprise fraud.

The Intelligence Community is subtly lifting the veil and allowing us to look at some aspects of the truth from certain angles.

This is the vicious but implicit intent of perception management operations where the killer shows you his face so you know him and what his capabilities are; and it equates to imprisoning people in their own suspicious and poisoned minds with instructions to tattle on one another in Nazi Karen fashion [just ask anyone who lived in Germany in the WWII era].

Beginning with a foreign policy shift in December 2020, the IC began to lift the veil on operations for war as the incoming Biden Administration would begin incrementally marching us back towards Russia with intent to capitalize on its 2014 Ukrainian coup.

By February 2022, we went from marching to sprinting as Russian President Vladimir Putin commenced a “special security operation” as a countermeasure to a deeply and firmly established US/Western/NATO footprint in Ukraine replete with over 40 US Department of Defense biowarfare labs [that tie to Joe Biden through Metabiota].

The aggregate and substantial war analysis is clear: War is a necessary process for the reasons stated and we have been incrementally marched up to it also for the reasons stated; and for the Intelligence Community, this war is therefore one that they must sell to the public as “avoidable” and where the IC fabricates moral high ground out of thin air to do it.

In reality, though, World War III is completely “unavoidable” because it took the IC years of intense planning and execution of vast operations to get us to it.

Returning to our analogy, although most Americans feel the discomfort of the pricks [apply the definition for both noun and verb], stabs, scratches and cuts, many haven’t identified how or why – they just know they feel this way.

Others trapped in the briars have made that discernment but haven’t comprehended that they must retrieve a weapon in order to fight back against them.

Yet others and plenty far from the necessary threshold needed have retrieved their weapon and are fighting back but it’s an uphill fight in a rigged system where the DOJ ensures predetermined outcomes in alignment with Intelligence Community parameters.

Just ask President Trump about that.

Exacerbating all of this and even worse for Americans is how the war weapon of cultural Marxism pours out of the massive and systematic IC propaganda machine to make being trapped in briars feel comfortable or at least acceptable so long as there is good reason for it.

For those with enough gumption to begin cutting away at the briars, the cultural Marxists; wittingly so or not, work in lockstep to marginalize, attack and, if needed, eliminate them, all in order to keep everyone on-reservation and quiet.

This is because the briars that have fully ensnared the American people are a feral species of spiny and vile weed that made its way to America from China decades ago.

Over decades, these Chinese briars have been nurtured and fertilized by the corrupt nature of man and his propensity to sell-out to his enemies out of individual preservation [blackmailed] or greed [bribery].

Like weeds do, these Chinese briars are pervasive and they have grown to penetrate every institution, department and agency that matters in the US; and they have most certainly captured the US politburo lock, stock and smoking barrel.

The US geopolitical landscape is one under the control of the Intelligence Community as informed by and in conspiracy with China; all in service to Globalists, who have replicated the schematics for infiltration and subversion worldwide to establish a permanent system of international locations and operations functioning as a network.

A perfect example is the utilitarian value of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, which in unvarnished terms is Nazi global headquarters.

The overarching analysis and the continuum underpinning it has had us on schedule for IC operations to impact the 2024 election for a very long time.

Many in legacy and other media refer to this as a ‘black swan’ event and new developments inform the analysis to indicate how the positions are gaining substantial momentum and in ways that should having Americans preparing for worst case scenarios.

Returning to the misconception that world war is “avoidable” and where the US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is one of three identified theaters [the others are the ME/SYR/IRN/IRQ, et al and CHN/TWN/SoCHNSea], consider this headline and quote: Piers Morgan Vs Jeffrey Sachs On Putin: “Russia’s War With Ukraine Was Completely Avoidable,”

“My view is that this war was completely avoidable, and could have been ended in March 2022. But, it persists because we don’t have a sensible approach.”

Economist Jeffrey Sachs

No, rather it’s entirely by IC design and therefore entirely unavoidable; at least for now.

In a second development, recall how former Secretary of State and establishment figurehead Mike Pompeo was an Intelligence Community handler for former President Donald Trump during his first term.

Pompeo did this from his Senate-confirmed placements as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and then Secretary of State.

We recall that Pompeo replaced Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and where Tillerson’s background was energy and where the currency for global corruption is also energy; and this is especially true for Joe Biden [Burisma/Ukraine and CEFC China Energy Co./China].

The IC’s recent reconciliation and acceptance of the unavoidable circumstance of Trump’s historic and ongoing sweep of the primaries to become the presumptive nominee, is evidenced by Pompeo’s reemerge in touting himself to say,

““I don’t often comment on jobs I’ve not been offered,” [Pompeo told the “Your World Cavuto” host Friday and adding] “But if I get a chance to serve and think that I can make a difference … I’m almost certainly going to say yes to that opportunity to try and deliver on behalf of the American people.””

Mike Pompeo, former CIA Director & SecState for Trump

The Intelligence Community rhetoric goes on to position Pompeo as a potential for DJT’s running mate and this is evidence of the IC applying the same model that it used to control Reagan.

The IC model to control Reagan was the IC inserting George H.W. Bush as the ‘head of the snake’ in the political continuum branded ‘Dynastic Bush’.

GHWB was first informally attached to CIA before formally entering into service and then ascending all of the way to its directorship before he ascended into vice presidency in service to President Ronald Reagan.

Importantly, therein GHWB created a more direct and regular interface for Executive and Intelligence Community with his construction of the Presidential Daily Brief, which became the mechanism to control and disseminate actual intelligence to the Executive to deliberately influence, shape, determine and exact policy both foreign and domestic.

The course to the present is long and contrived.

Pompeo is the Intelligence Community’s countermeasure to handle, control and restrain the unavoidable circumstance of a second Trump presidency in the same model as GHWB:Reagan; but that’s only if the IC permits Trump to enter office a second time as determined by the degree of control it can functionally maintain; including through Pompeo as VPOTUS.

Again and according to the JFK and Reagan models, assassination becomes the remedy if Trump were to enter the Executive and get too far off the reservation, and therefore the +/- 3-month window applies.

Another important WWIII development comes out of the escalating push back contained in Russia’s diplomacy and foreign policies.

The nuance of it is found in how the Russians normally dispatch someone other than Putin to deliver promises if the Intelligence Community/West/NATO continues encroaching on Russia’s national sovereignty in ways to threaten its national security.

So, when Putin himself steps-up to deliver the promise of a Russian thermonuclear response to this continued encroachment, apply the electoral timeline and take very good note of both: Putin Warns Of ‘Full-Scale WW3’ If West Sends Troops To Ukraine.

Now ask yourself this question: In light of Putin’s recent remarks and overlaid by the positions in the analysis, why is the Intelligence Community/West/NATO slowly lifting the veil to reveal the direct presence of troops in Ukraine at the same time Russia is promising to make those troops a direct target – IF THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY/WEST/NATO IS NOT DELIBERATELY AND INCREMENTALLY MARCHING-UP TO A WORLD WAR III THAT IS ONLY AVOIDABLE BY DESCRIPTION?

Where in reality, the IC desperately needs this war for the reasons stated and therefore it is factually and by design, unavoidable.

At present, we’re just going through the Intelligence Community’s theatrical process so that when war happens, you’ll immediately accept it and when it’s over, you’ll accept Marxist communism, too.

The only way to have avoided this coming war was to prevent Inauguration Day 2021 from occurring and that never happened.

What will happen according to the analysis, is the ‘black swan’ event that is being now projected by others with that event or a sequence of events having been placed on the electoral timeline.

The others recently projecting the same ‘black swan’ event[s] include Law Enforcement Today, Butler County [OH] Sheriff Rick Jones, former Trump National Security Advisor Lt. General Michael Flynn, and former US Senator Ron Paul.


In an interesting Substack dive into projected ‘black swan’ events for 2024 including AI’s take on it.

The loudest bullhorn projecting the ‘black swan’ event; however, is the Intelligence Community itself and its new driving “bloodbath” narrative.

Paul also points to the same genesis for the underlying political continuum ‘Dynastic Bush’ and not without a sense of irony, it’s the very thing that Donald Trump says is too horrible for you, me and everyone else to know about: “The date I say it was concrete that there was a coup, and we lost our government was November 22, the assassination of [John F.] Kennedy.”

In the interview with Tucker Carlson, Carlson quipped back, “So the guy who was responsible for the murder was investigating the murder.”

To Carlson’s point:

Nothing has changed since 1963 except for things getting much, much worse.

America is stuck in the briars of Marxist communism and there is only one weapon available to fight back, defeat it and free ourselves.

That one weapon is national unity.

To kick a dead horse yet again, once enough Americans have discerned the truth and made a determination to assume substantial personal risk in order to fight back; and they have come together as one to begin that fight, it will all be over in an instance.

There is nothing the Intelligence Community or China can do to intercede on 237 million Americans operating from the First Amendment while firmly gripping the Second.

This is why cultural Marxism undermines the truth.

The truth is the purest galvanizing substance there is.

The truth about the present was borne out of the aftermath of World War II and the infiltration of Nazis via Operation Paperclip, when those Nazis were brought into the US federal apparatus; and it then it accelerated with great velocity in 1963 with JFK’s assassination.

Ironically, that’s something Donald Trump doesn’t want you to know to know about and that’s an enormous problem.

What a tangled and deadly web we weave.

Take note.

Prepare accordingly.


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